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Welcome to Vantage

It is my pleasure to welcome you to Vantage, the mathematics admissions consultancy run solely by expert specialists.

Our bespoke programmes address each element of the university admissions process, from entrance tests such as the MAT and TMUA, to the infamously challenging Oxbridge interviews. We pride ourselves on demystifying the intricate thought processes behind the difficult problems you’ll be expected to tackle and teaching you to think as a trained mathematician.

Whether you are interested in joining one of our programmes, or would just like expert advice on your preparation strategy, I would be delighted to meet you in a free consultation meeting.

Rowan Wright (MA Cantab, MMath)
Founding Director

Why choose Vantage?

The unique benefits of Vantage courses are multifarious and have resulted in our students' remarkably high success rates. Our professional team is trusted by students and dedicated to helping you achieve your academic aspirations.

Our Expert Team

Our team consists solely of Oxbridge graduates with additional expertise as examiners, Oxbridge interviewers, undergraduate supervisors, and qualified teachers.

Nurturing Academic Excellence

Our courses are designed not only to help you gain admission to your first-choice university, but to prepare you for academic success at elite universities.

Bespoke Mentoring

Every Vantage student has their entire preparation strategy overseen by our founding director in regular mentoring sessions with students and their parents/guardians.

Mathematical Focus

Our courses are composed entirely of useful mathematical content, omitting the cliché and extraneous filler content often found on the mass market.

Feedback from our students and their parents

Rowan from Vantage is the real deal: a rare blend of being a sufficiently brilliant mathematician to have a complete, deep and intuitive grasp on the difficult problems set in admissions tests, but also a great teacher who is able to explain the thought process in a way students can understand.

Rowan from Vantage is extremely committed to the success of his students and is able to teach them even the most complex concepts in a way that they can clearly understand. He helps his students succeed on the MAT and Oxford interviews, giving them unparalleled insights about interview questions and outstanding preparation throughout the process.

Rowan from Vantage is an outstanding tutor. He is extremely knowledgeable about interview preparation, MAT and STEP exams, and he is very patient with his students. The way he tailored his teaching to cater for our son's needs was very impressive. Our son thoroughly enjoyed the sessions with Rowan and was well-prepared for the Cambridge interview and, needless to say, he passed MAT as well as STEP and secured a place in Cambridge to study Mathematics.

Rowan from Vantage took my daughter from feeling that STEP was going to be an impossible mountain to climb to getting the grades she needed to get into Cambridge. Calm, positive and encouraging, he made all the difference.

It became clear as soon as our son started his sessions with Rowan that he had found an exceptional tutor. Rowan's mathematical prowess, his complete understanding of the STEP process and, most importantly, his unwavering positivity were a huge benefit to him. Our son always looked forward to his sessions with Rowan and came away from them enthused and upbeat.

Vantage was incredibly helpful for my MAT prep. Firstly, the explanatory course materials are comprehensive and clear, providing several distinct ways of looking at any one problem, to make sure that you really get it. As past examiners, Rowan and the team also have great insight into how questions are constructed and what examiners really expect.

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