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MAT 2007-2022

In the table below, we provide all MAT past papers since 2007, alongside the official Oxford mark schemes, and useful data on candidates' average scores. There were some very minor changes to the specification in 2018, but the content has otherwise remained unchanged since 2007. Our recommended strategy for using these past papers is detailed in our MAT Handbook. In the Appendix, we also provide a detailed overview of the syllabus (with illustrative examples) and an explanation of the changes in 2018. We strongly encourage students to follow our recommended strategy in order to benefit fully from completing MAT past papers.

All Vantage MAT courses include detailed solution videos and booklets for every MAT past paper. They focus on how students can 'come up with' ideas in the first place and think through problems systematically, as well as teaching useful tricks to improve accuracy and save time.

MAT Legacy Papers (1996-2006)

The 1996-2006 'Entrance Exams for Mathematics' were the precursor to the MAT. Identical in format, they are a valuable resource for students who are starting preparation early and will run out of the more recent MAT past papers. Note that the 2001 paper is really a specimen and is identical to 2000 except for one question on the long form section, and the 1999 paper is unavailable.

We provide complete solution videos and booklets to all MAT legacy past papers as part of our MAT courses, and to our knowledge these are not available from anywhere else. Though the legacy syllabus differed slightly from the expected knowledge on the modern MAT, the majority of the questions are still relevant. We have created 'relevance checkers' which highlight the questions that are no longer relevant for MAT preparation, or have minor details worth noting. These are provided below, alongside free answer keys to the multiple choice section (Q1) of each exam.

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