Our Team

Our team of highly qualified tutors is uniquely equipped to help you navigate the admissions process for elite UK universities. In addition to an Oxbridge degree, every member of the team possesses additional specialist expertise, from admissions test examiners, to Oxbridge interviewers, to undergraduate supervisors. All student-facing members of our team hold an Enhanced DBS check.

Rowan Wright
MA (Cantab), MMath

Rowan is a world-leading specialist in admissions tests and interviews for British universities in mathematics and related subjects. Renowned for his remarkably high success rates, Rowan has more than six years of experience and has coached students from every continent except Antarctica. He has worked with students from some of the most prestigious British and international schools as an Oxbridge admissions consultant, and his students have gained acceptance at almost every Oxford and Cambridge college which admits undergraduates.

Rowan is the lead author of all of our courses, delivers our video content and heads all of our programmes. He also administers much of our 1-1 tuition and personally oversees the preparation strategy of every Vantage student in regular meetings. An experienced STEP examiner with Cambridge Assessment, Rowan is also closely involved in our mock marking service. Outside of his role at Vantage, Rowan is a postgraduate researcher studying scattering amplitudes in quantum field theory, and their connections to aspects of pure mathematics.

Carlo Scarian
MA (Cantab)

Carlo is an experienced mathematics tutor specialising in university entrance tests. A keen enthusiast for Olympiads and other mathematics contests, Carlo brings his passion for mathematical problem solving to the Vantage team, and enjoys thinking deeply about the psychology of mathematical problem solving and the often subtle thought process which lies beneath the surface.

As well as delivering 1-1 tuition as an experienced STEP, MAT and TMUA coach, Carlo is closely involved in writing original questions for our worksheets and classes, and takes pride in running the fun problem solving workshops which run over the Summer for students on all Vantage programmes. He is also frequently involved in providing continued support to Vantage students as they progress to undergraduate level, teaching pure mathematics modules in topics such as abstract algebra, number theory and geometry.

Joseph Saxby
MA (Cantab)

Joe completed his undergraduate degree in Mathematics at the University of Cambridge, and enjoyed it so much that he never left - he is now a supervisor, currently teaching mathematical biology in the Natural Sciences Tripos to undergraduates at several Cambridge Colleges. He has also served as an interviewer for applicants in mathematics and economics since 2020.

Given his experience teaching undergraduate students at Cambridge, Joe is closely involved in ensuring that our programmes do not only help our students to gain admission to elite British universities, but also set students up to succeed on the demanding programmes they are applying to. His experience as an interviewer across multiple admissions rounds also gives him crucial insight into precisely what is needed to succeed in Oxbridge interviews, and he delivers authentic mock interviews to all Vantage students on interview preparation programmes.

James Bradley
MA (Cantab), MSc

After completing his undergraduate and master's degrees in astrophysics at the University of Cambridge, James completed his teacher training at the University of Oxford and now works as a mathematics teacher at a leading sixth form college in Cambridge. James has a keen eye for detail and brings his expertise as a teacher to bear on all of our programmes, ensuring that the transition from school-level mathematics to the level expected on admissions tests is as smooth as possible.

James is also an experienced examiner with Cambridge Assessment, having marked STEP for multiple rounds. He runs our mock marking service in collaboration with Rowan and delivers detailed, actionable feedback to our students regarding the clarity of their written presentation.

Khalil Mokhtari
MEng, PhD

Khalil is an academic working in controls systems theory, a subject within applied mathematics and engineering which has applications to robotics. A keen programmer and graphic designer, Khalil uses his professional expertise to produce the technical figures for Vantage's written resources, and ensures that they are beautifully rendered and clear for students to understand.

Amelia Calladine
MA (Cantab)

Amelia graduated from the University of Cambridge with a 1st class degree in Music, specialising in renaissance and early modern music. Amelia is in charge of our outreach, ensuring students aspiring to elite British universities are aware of the bespoke programmes we offer. She is also closely involved in our personal statement/UCAS application support services, providing critical guidance to our students to ensure that their personal statements are delightfully written and convey as much as possible within the fiendishly tight word-counts.

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