Our Students' Testimonials

We are delighted to share some of the feedback we have received from our students and their parents.

Rowan from Vantage is an outstanding tutor. He is extremely knowledgeable about interview preparation, MAT and STEP exams, and he is very patient with his students. The way he tailored his teaching to cater for our son's needs was very impressive. Our son thoroughly enjoyed the sessions with Rowan and it boosted his confidence in general. He was well-prepared for the Cambridge interview and, needless to say, he passed MAT as well as STEP and secured a place in Cambridge to study Mathematics. I would highly recommend Vantage to any student looking for help with Mathematics.

Rowan is an incredible tutor! My son was underperforming when doing TMUA past papers, and was struggling to understand the Cambridge solutions. As soon as he started sessions with Rowan, my son picked up several essential exam techniques and thoroughly understood the questions. This resulted in him seeing a drastic increase in his score. Rowan was able to provide my son with shortcuts to difficult questions that would make them easy. I would highly recommend Vantage to any student preparing for admissions test. Rowan is truly one of a kind!

Rowan is the real deal, a rare blend of being a sufficiently brilliant mathematician to have a complete, deep and intuitive grasp on the difficult problems set in admissions tests but also a great teacher who is able to explain the thought process in a way students can understand. My son had taken some STEP lessons with other tutors but felt he was languishing and making no real progress. Once he started working with Rowan, he was invigorated and before long felt his entire thought process had been transformed. He particularly liked Rowan's emphasis on where the ideas to solve a question come from.

We have relied on Vantage's expert support for our students applying to British universities to read mathematics and related subjects, and have consulted closely with Rowan. Rowan is an absolutely excellent tutor in Maths. He is extremely committed to the success of his students and is able to teach them even the most complex concepts in a way that they can clearly understand. He helps students succeed on the MAT and Oxford interviews, giving them unparalleled insights about interview questions and outstanding preparation throughout the process. I highly recommend him as he truly is one of the best tutors in Maths I have ever worked with.

Vantage was incredibly helpful for my MAT prep. The explanatory materials are comprehensive and clear, providing several distinct ways of looking at any one problem, to make sure that you really get it. I found that making sure I really understood each paper I had completed was a big factor in seeing improvement. The 1-1 sessions with Rowan were also invaluable. As past examiners, Rowan and the team have great insight into how questions are constructed and what examiners really expect. Sometimes tutoring is about personal fit, but I think virtually anyone could benefit from Rowan’s tutoring!

Rowan's thorough explanations have really helped me improve in STEP. His ability to explain the thought process behind answers makes it very intuitive and easy to follow. In addition, his knowledge of the exam as a whole and insights into the marking process are unrivalled. Simply brilliant.

I just received the offer from Magdalen! I wanted to thank you for everything that you have done for me. Aside from the mathematical training, you believed in me all the way through the process of the application, and kept me positive and motivated even when the MAT seemed impossible. Thank you for your help and fabulous teaching.

Rowan helped improve my confidence and made me believe I actually had a chance of passing STEP! I really enjoyed the style of our sessions and Rowan was able to explain difficult concepts very clearly. I ended up getting the grades I needed to meet my Cambridge offer and am really grateful to have had his support.

You have probably heard from our son that he has been admitted to Exeter College, Oxford! I really wanted to thank you for the amazing resources and support you provided. Without diminishing his own hard work, it is clear they were instrumental in his success, and he would not have been able to achieve such a result without your precious help!

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