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ESAT Resources

ESAT Preparation Resources

The ESAT is a new admissions test in 2024, so the official practice resources are very limited. All students should attempt the ESAT practice tests in order to become familiar with the test interface, but they are not sufficient for thorough test preparation. Fortunately, the ESAT is almost identical in style to the previously used NSAA (Natural Sciences Admissions Assessment) and ENGAA (Engineering Admissions Assessment). Therefore, NSAA and ENGAA past paper are the most valuable resources available for ESAT preparation.

The ESAT Past Paper Guidance document, designed by Vantage, details our recommended approach to using these resources. There is some overlap in questions between the NSAA and ENGAA each year, so the guide will help you to avoid unnecessary repetition.

NSAA Section 1

NSAA Section 1 is a multiple-choice test. Part A (Mathematics) is compulsory for all candidates, and we recommend completing all other sections relevant to your chosen ESAT sections. The exam format and timing was changed in 2020, so students should read the instructions carefully and follow the intended timing for the test.

NSAA Section 2

The style of NSAA Section 2 has changed several times. It has been a multiple-choice test since 2020, with sections in Physics, Chemistry and Biology, so it is an excellent resource for ESAT. From 2016-2019, Section 2 required long answers, so it is not in the same style as ESAT. The most diligent students should still attempt NSAA 2016-2019 Section 2 to practise applying their knowledge in unfamiliar contexts.

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